Sunday, 22 April 2012

My Baby Brothers Wedding

Yesterday my little brother Keyran married his beautiful partner Gail. It was a day we all thought we would ever see.

They married at The Landing, Kangaroo Point in Brisbane. They were blessed with one of the most lovely days we have had in Brisbane for a couple of weeks.

We stayed the night where the wedding was being held. The room had a lovely view of the river, as well as where the ceremony was to take place later.

I know weddings are a joyous occasion, and most people cry, but I have never been to wedding where the crying was from laughing so much.

 They wanted every one to have a fun day. One of the highlights was when it came to the exchanging the rings, one of the grooms had to first free them from a bell shaped pinata.

Gail had both her Mum & Dad give her away.

The brides maids was stunning and the boys weren't bad eigter .

                                              But the cake had to be seen to be believed

                                               It had the TARDIS from Dr Who on top

It was a wonderful day full of love and laughter. Keyran and Gail's Wedding Day will one we will always remember for more than one reason. Mostly for seeing two people celebrating there love in only a way they could.

One more day till we are off to Carins...looking forward to our trip :)
Hugs Tanya xxx


Fiona said...

thanks for sharing the pictures Tanya... glad you had good weather and it looks like such a fun day... enjoy Cairns....

Shaz said...

What a wonderful wedding, and yes they couldn't have chosen a more beautiful day! Glad you liked my Sunday Snippets!
have a wonderful holiday and relax and enjoy. See you when you get back...

Anonymous said...

So glad the wedding was wonderful, the photos are great, the weather was perfect.....thanks for sharing.
Have a wonderful holiday and take care, we will miss you...... we look forward to hearing and seeing your adventure.....look after each other...Linda x

Linda Coleman said...

beautiful photos of a beautiful day Tanya

Anonymous said...

Weddings are always lovely but how fantastic they put their own twist on it and made such a fun day for everyone to remember. Beautiful location too by the way. Love Jeanie Beanie xoxox

Sue B said...

Lovely photos, and what a novel cake. they must be Dr who fans.
Enjoy Cairns, its beautiful up there,

Unknown said...

Nice wedding.

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