Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Cuddly Baby Sleep Sacks

I am off babysitting again this weekend. So thought it should be Syrus's turn to get something. With the cooler weather on the way I decided some cuddly fleecy sleep sacks would be good. After trolling the internet I can up with a pattern HERE. There were no instructions so I had to wing it. There were also no fabric requirements, but I found I need almost a meter of the flannelette to line and I got three outers from 2 meters of fleecy.

I decided to use snaps to join the front as I thought my ability to put a zip in could be challenged with the fleecy fabric.

I only put the snaps through the lining as I thought all the layers would be a bit thick. Then stitch the
outer down to make a flap.

I had to turn the arm holes in from the right side out them top stitch. I think with the next two I will bind them with the lining fabric instead.

I took a little brain power on my part to figure it out, but am happy with the end result. Now I have ironed out the bugs the next two should come together quickly.

This is not meant as a tutorial, just what I did to make the pattern. If you would like to make these and don't understand what I have done fell free to contact me I will try and help you.

Hugs Tanya xxx


Narelle said...

Very sweet and a wonderful idea.

Anonymous said...

I thought you would find inspiration with that fleecy we saw the other day. Looks fantastic! Love Jeanie Beanie

Anonymous said...

well done Tanya.....looks fabulous....see you Thursday...Linda x

Teresa Felgueiras said...

Lovely thought and wonderful project. The sleeping sack turned out fabulous.Well done.

Pam said...

The sleeping sack looks great, Tanya and will keep the little one snugly and warm.

Linda Coleman said...

They look very snuggly Tanya