Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Treasures from the Craft Expo

Today I am sharing my treasures from the Craft Expo. I think I was quite well behaved in my spending, seeing I was there for 4 days :)

I bought some staples. Wonderfil thread, papers and glue for a quilt I am working on. Blades as I put my last one in the other day.

The lovely crotchet cottons where my impulse buy, They are Japanese, Emmy Grande Herbs. I bought them from Be Be Bold. The pic shows what I got done sitting at the show. I planned to put the little flowers together for a top for Charlotte, but I just love it so I think it my end up something for me ( plus they were NOT cheap and probably to much to spend on something that will be grown out of) . I think we were a little confused this year, as we seemed to be doing everything but quilting at the stand this year.

I picked up this sweet pattern to make for Charlotte. You will all have figured out by now how much I love sewing for her. The Pattern is called Rosie Wrap by Mini Moon Shine. I have not come across these patterns before so stay tuned for a review.
I also picked up some Ric Rac cheap to use on things for Charlotte. Pink and Green of curse.

...and last of all some fabric. I bought this from Dyed & Gone to Heaven. It is for the boarders of the quilt I mentioned above.

So all in all I think I was very controlled for someone that spent 4 days at a craft show.

I will be linking up with Melody today for Tuesday Treasures so pop over and check out the other wonderful thinks.

Have a wonderful day.
Hugs Tanya xxx


Fiona said...

Great shopping... controlled but things that you have got plans for.... sounds like an excellent few days

Linda Coleman said...

You did behave. I was at a show in the UK for one day just last week and brought home a suitcase full.

Pam said...

I'd say that was very controlled spending! That pattern looks interesting.

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

You have been a good girl with your spending, mind you we would all have understood if you were not! lol

Val said...

Hi Tanya, I popped on over expecting to see a Christmas item :)
Looks like you had fun at the expo. I showed quite a bit less restraint at the expo I visited in Puyallup a few weeks ago. I considered going to the Brisbane expo but I just have too much sewing to do and nowhere to put anything new!

Charlie and Wendy said...

Lots of lovely new treasures, your crochet looks gorgeous.